Can crypto currency be held as an investment


Crypto currency is a digital cash unlike bank notes that are physical, it’s not touchable. The market value of crypto has been on fluctuations ever since its invention, but generally the price has been on increase from 2009 when Bitcoin gain its value till date. Though most of the time crypto currencies do witness depreciation in market value, but the price still bounced back within a short interval of time.
Below is a chart that shows the rise and fall of crypto market value from 2009 till date.

Can crypto currency be held as an investment?

Can crypto currency be held as an investment






Making money is all about risk taking, the most risky tasks are the highest paying offers, but irrespective of this one need to evaluate his chances before making any investment to avoid regrets that comes later due to miscalculations. No man is perfect and no one knows tomorrow, man may make calculations based on available figure and statistics but nature can decide to turn the table the other way round. But irrespective of nature going against man, proper evaluation is necessary and inevitable if you truly want to stand a higher chance of succeeding. Just like the saying goes,
He know fail to plan properly, plans to fail woefully.

Can I invest on crypto with assurance of making money and getting my money back?

Just like any other investment, crypto investment has no guarantee of success but from statistics, crypto has potentials and future, it’s less than two decade old yet crypto is conquering the market. So from all statistical view point, an investment in crypto is not just a credible but also a futuristic investment.

What are the crypto currencies I can invest on?
List of crypto currencies are inexhaustible, but below are list of the most popular once.

0. Bitcoin (BTC)
0. Etherium (ETH)
0. Litecoin
0. Bitcoincash
0. Tron (TRX)
0. Ripple. etc

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