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Mining cryptocurrency with android phone is a easy and simple process but this can be difficulty and teddy for those without the proper knowledge. Firstly before we proceed, we need to explain what it mean to mine cryptocurrency. Meaning of Cryptocurrency Mining According to bitcoin wiki, Bitcoin Mining is the process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin’s public ledger of past transactions. This ledger of past transactions is called the blockchain as it is a chain of blocks. Mining is intentionally made difficult to regulate and make the amount each cryptocurrency steady. The central aim for mining is to make the transactional the records incontinue

Starting a blockchain cryptocurrency business could be confusing but with the right information, things become easier for you. In this article titled how to start a blockchain cryptocurrency business, we will be pointing out all the things you need to know about blockchain cryptocurrency business, how to start, possible mistakes starters do make, risks and possible expected losses, the pros and con’s. We also be educating you on how to avoid this possible expected mistakes, losses and how to utilize every opportunity that comes your way. Firstly, what is a blockchain  and blockchain business? A blockchain is, in the simplest of terms, a time-stamped series of immutablecontinue

What is the meaning of a Crypto Forum? Before we release the list of best cryptocurrency forums in these 2020, we will first of all Crypto forum could mean a different thing to different persons. For some, it is just a marketing tool, while to others it is a crypto hub with a lot of members belonging to different categories while some see it as a question and answer crypto currency website where they general public has the permission to create topic, initiate discussion, ask question or provide answer to a question asked by an member of the forum. Irrespective of the fact that differentcontinue

Trading crypto is a risky which makes it important for one to know how to trade crypto currency with caution. And also know when to trade and when not to trade. Trading crypto goes beyond a game of carefulness which account why most crypto professionals still lose money trading crypto. Knowing how to trade crypto currency with caution involved the following steps; Discipline; just like quoted earlier its not just enough to be careful while trading crypto currencies, one also need to be highly discipline. One thing is to know about a business, another thing is to know the business inside the business. A lotcontinue

The word Crypto currency is still sounding like a ghost name in the ear of some Nigerians while the few smart ones are making it huge, while many Nigerians are still asking how to make money from crypto currency in Nigeria? Crypto currency is a new digital currency system though still new but the advantages and opportunities can never be over emphasized. If you are a young Nigerian youth, graduate or undergraduate, cryptocurrency business can go a long way in liberating you financially.   Below are the basic three ways you can make money from crypto currency trading from the comfort of your room incontinue

how to start a cryptocurrency business

The origination of blockchain technology has given rise to a new digital currency with bitcoin as the master of them all. Starting a cryptocurrency business is a creative idea. Crypto currency is a business modern business with a lot of opportunities yet to be exploited. Below are the requirements on how to start a cryptocurrency business Steps on how to start a cryptocurrency business Create a Plan your Business Form a legal entity (if you want to go big) create a corporate bank account & credit card for the business Get permits and licenses necessary for operation Obtain an insurance (if you are interested) createcontinue

to mine Pi with mobile phone (Android) using Pi App is a very straight forward process and an easy one indeed. In this article we will be teaching you on how to mine pi crypto coin using your android phone. Below are what you are expected to learn by the end of reading this content. How to download Pi App from play store How to install and create an account How to start mining your own Pi coin. How to download Pi App from play store Login into your android mobile Google playstore, search for Pi Cryptocurrency App, the image above will appear, then clickcontinue

What are the basic things to know about crypto What is crypto currency How Long has crypto been in existence? Future of Crypto currency? How crypto currencies are generated. What is crypto currency? Crypto currency is a decentralized system of currency where by instead of a single entity to be in charge of the production, circulation and regulation of the currency just like the central banks in most country, the coins are been generated by computer codes while the value is determine by the public. In crypto, the production, regulation and value of the coin is determined by the public. How Long has crypto beencontinue

Tron Cryptocurrency Tron or (TRX) crypto coin is the one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency, though the value of is not yet stable in the market. Tran originated from China, the year 2017. Since the origination Tron cryptocurrency, the currency has received hug support and public support.  Below is the market trade chart of TRX  on the November 2020.   top three best wallet for Tron cryptocurrency based on the scope of this studies, we will be talking on the top three best cryptocurrency wallet for tron (TRX) Tron wallet This wallet is officially owned by Tron (TRX). If TRX is basically the major cryptocurrencycontinue

 Its not just enough to install a crypto wallet without knowing how to transact with the wallet. The need to know how to do buy and sell with your cryptocurrency wallet is necessary. In this article we are going to teach you how to buy and sell with your cryptocurrency wallet using LUNO wallet as a case study. Steps to buy and sell cryptocurrency with LUNO wallet. Download any cryptocurrency wallet Install a the cryptocurrency wallet either in your phone or laptop Create an Account with a valid email address Buy Cryptocurrency and pay through Card, Bank Transfer. Downloading a cryptocurrency wallet There arecontinue