How to Download cryptocurrency wallet on android phone

To download a cryptocurrency wallet on android device is a simple, easy and straight forward process though it can be confusing for those without the right knowledge.

To download a cryptocurrency wallet on your android phone, the steps and the procedure is listed below;

  1. Login into google play store or other alternative android application downloading websites.
  2. Search for the particular crypto currency wallet you want to download

For Google Playstore

Click on install just like the image below. When you clicked on the install green button, the application will start installing.

Its also important you note that the installation package those not come together with the application installed from google playstore as the application is installed directly into your android phone.


how to download a cryptocurrency wallet


Open the cryptocurrency wallet that you download/installed on your android phone

After a successful installation, the next step is to open the application or wallet. You should also note that ones the installation process is completed, the option of either to open and done are provided. If you choose done, the application will not open automatically rather you will be redirected back to the play store where you install the app from and related apps will be displayed to you. But if you choose the option of open, the application or rather wallet will open and the next step is to sign up

Sign Up with the cryptocurrency wallet

The third step is to sign up for an account. You should note that signing up are for those who those not have crypto wallet previously. But if you have the crypto wallet in your android, laptop or any other type of device before, all you need to do is to sign in into the wallet with your previous information’s. Note, this can only work for the same type of wallet, example if you had trust wallet install in your laptop or iPhone and you installed the android version on your android phone.

When you clicked on the sign-up option, you will be required to filling in some relevant information’s which will be used as your ID’s.

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