How to mine pi cryptocurrency with iPhone

Mining of Pi has been on the increase lately as many are now getting into the business. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Pi doesn’t require device for the mining. Mining Pi is done with smart phone, laptop or desktop computer and this makes it the best cryptocurrency to be mine with your smart phone.

Mining pi may require, just stated earlier the use of your smart phone not any special device.

Below are some of the driving point that makes the mining of pi to be on the increase

  1. Simplicity; Pi cryptocurrency still remain one of the most if not the only cryptocurrency to be mined easily with android and iPhones without much rigorous processes. To mine pi cryptocurrency all you need is your smart phone that runs on android, IOS or any other operating systems.
  2. Energy conservativeness; pi cryptocurrency is the only cryptocurrency that don’t consume high energy during mining. The mobile app runs normal just like any other mobile app and don’t consume high rate of electricity.
  3. Fair distribution. The number of coins mined does not depend on the capacity of the device just like other cryptocurrency miner such Bitcoin miners where S9 Miner is better than any other device for mining bitcoin.
  4. Extra earnings. There is always a reward for those who contributed to the development of pi. This could be found where your mining rate increases by you inviting more persons into the system and introducing more person into your security cycle.

having explained why the mining of pi is on the increase, we will now teach you how you can mine pi using iPhone.

Steps on how to mine pi cryptocurrency

Visit Apple play store to download the pi mining app.

How to mine pi cryptocurrency with iPhone

Login into your iPhone mobile playstore, search for Pi Cryptocurrency App, the image above will appear

Install the App

 How to mine Pi with mobile phone (iphone) using Pi App

Click on the Install button which has the green background.

Open the App

How to mine pi cryptocurrency with iPhone

After installation, proceed to open the app immediately, after opening the the app, proceed to creation of account with your details.


How to start mining your own Pi coin

 How to mine Pi with mobile phone (iphone) using Pi App

On completion of account creation, the option of start mining Pi will display on your screen. Click on Start Mining π now to start mining Pi. On statement, the mining is 0.25π/hr. This mining rate could be increased basically two ways.

By inviting more persons and them registering with your refferal code

By increasing your security cycle.

By inviting more persons

Inviting introducing and inviting more persons into pi (π) is the fastest and the most effective way of earning more π‘s and increasing your earning rate. Click on this button to read up how to invite people and them using your referral ID for sign up.

By increasing your security cycle.

Another Effective way of increasing your mining rate but not as effective as the formal is by increasing your security cycle, each person you add  to your security cycle increases your mining rate by 0.4π.

Also click on the button below to read up how to increase your security cycle.

After reading this article ‘how to mine Pi with mobile phone” we wish you success as you proceed with your quest for π mining.

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