List of Best Cryptocurrency Forums 2020

What is the meaning of a Crypto Forum?

Before we release the list of best cryptocurrency forums in these 2020, we will first of all Crypto forum could mean a different thing to different persons.

For some, it is just a marketing tool, while to others it is a crypto hub with a lot of members belonging to different categories while some see it as a question and answer crypto currency website where they general public has the permission to create topic, initiate discussion, ask question or provide answer to a question asked by an member of the forum.

Irrespective of the fact that different persons sees cryptocurrency forum from different perspective, you will agree with us that most crypto currency forums serves basically as a platform where people gets to exchange opinion on crypto currency related topics.

What are they types of crypto forums?

There are basically two types of cryptocurrency forums, firstly, ones that specialized only in one crypto currency. They discuss issues relating to the crypto currency on discussion, they are usually specific in one specific crypto currency both in topics, discussion and argument. Example is the bitcointalk, here people discus only matters relating to bitcoin, the happenings in the bitcoin market and other bitcoin related matters.

Secondly, we have the general cryptocurrency type of forum that is not limited to a specific crypto currency. Here anybody is free to initiate any topic regardless of the cryptocurrency. In this kind of forum, people are not restricted to on the information they get or get to share to the public. Example of this type of forum include; cryptorum, cryptoheresy, coinforum, etc.

Who are the possible members in a crypto forums?

  • new entrance

The crypto market is always open to all this accounts for the day to day inflow of new babies into the industry. Though crypto currency market is filled with technicalities and risks that threatens the fate of these new babies, these makes them to seek for available refuse or somewhere that could serve as their safe landing.

A place they can lay out their fears and get the attention they deserve, a place they can ask questions and get the answers they want, a place they could get to meet both professionals and their fellow amateurs in the field, interact with them and get to learn more from both the professionals and their fellow amateurs.

  • Crypto Experts

These are they engine room of any crypto forum as they tend to be the amateurs savior. They  bring out new ideas, bring up topics for argument, answer questions asked by these new babies, and so on. Its also important to know that most crypto forum grade their members based on activeness in the forum and this makes it very easy to spot or identity these experts in this field of crypto currency.

  • Crypto Professionals

These are people who take crypto trading as their source of livelihood. This include the following categories;


crypto traders; these are those who are into buying and selling of cryptocurrency. They often join forums to meet other click if them kind so they could bring their thoughts together to make a better market analysis. Most crypto traders are usually into day to day trading that is buying and selling of crypto, making their loss and gain from daily market rise and fall.

Cryptocurrency marketers; crypto marketers are those that into marketing of crypto currencies for crypto trading companies.

List of Best Cryptocurrency Forums 2020




Bitcointalk forum
Mastersofcrypto Forum

the above List of Best Cryptocurrency Forums in 2020 are cryptoforums that made it to our top 15


Bitalk Organisation is a Russian cryptocurrency forum it website was formally Its 100% Russian. You can access the website and use google translate to translate the contents. Using Google Translate. The forum has an active member of up to 10,000. is a Bitcoin-related web portal. It renders Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash services such as purchasing and selling these cryptocurrencies, together with mobile wallets. The website also feature cryptocurrency news, charts, and online store, and there is also an online crypto gaming section.


This is the most famous form where you get paid for participation. For those looking for how to make small money online without much stress, this a very nice place for your aspirations. Though the forum is not 100% crypto forum but it’s a wonderful place where crypto currency issues are discussed. The forum has over 33,000 crypto related topics and comments.


This is an online cryptocurrency platform that focused on news related to cryptocurrency. It offers services such as news/articles, discussions, and crypto related informations such as Blockchain, technology, events, how-to-mine info, technical details, and more. It also provides information in the form of videos and discussion forums to connect with the audience.


Bitcoin garden was founded on Jan 2017. The forum is populated  with approximate members of 25,000. The forum is not actually unique but it’s a greate place to discuss crypto and read related contents you can also meet professionals and other categories of people in the forum.


Bitcointalk was founded in 2009 as a bitcoin forum by Satoshi Nakamoto who happens to be the original Bitcoin developer. Bitcointalk is a cryptocurrency forum which serve as one of the major sources of information related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Though this forum is mostly a place where new cryptocurrencies announces their establishments, upgrades and other vital information’s.

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