List of best cryptocurrency mining apps

List of best cryptocurrency mining apps

Cryptocurrency mining is one the free method of earning cryptocurrency, Its mostly use to introduce any new cryptocurrency into the system, miners often pay transaction fees together with subsidy for newly introduced cryptocurrency. It also serves as a decentralized method of dissemination of new cryptocurrency. Below is list of best cryptocurrency mining apps

List of best cryptocurrency mining apps

  1. Crypto Miner
  2. AA Miner
  3. NeoNeonMiner
  4. MinerGate Mobile Miner
  5. Pocket Miner

MinerGate Mobile Miner

MinerGate is one of the best and most reliable multi cryptocurrency mining Android Application, It required Android OS 4.4.7 and above to run efficiently. Android version of MinerGate Mobile Miner can be found on Google playstore and other Android Application downloading websites such as;,,, and

AA Miner

AA Miner cryptocurrency mining app could be used to mine more 50 different types of cryptocurrencies which include bitcoin(king of all cryptocurrency) Litecoin, dash, fantomcoin, bytecoin, digitalnote. It also offer most profitable mining algorithm according  XDA-DOVELOPERS. With AA MINER, you can specify the number of threads that will crunch cryptographic numbers. It also has the option of allowing the app to run on background.

Crypto Miner

Unlike MinerGate, Crypto Miner could be use to mine more types of crypto which is one its greatest advantage over MinerGate. Crypto Miner is very simplified and straightforward. The android version of the app can be downloaded/install from google playstore


Here one is reguired to join a cryptocurrency mining pool, just like Crypto Miner. You can switch from one mining pool to another depending on individual quest. Some of the cryptocurrencies supported by NeoNeo Miner includes; bitcoin, Litecoin, feathercoin, vertcoin, etc.

Pocket Miner

Pocket Miner is owned by Litecoin Pool. It only support Litecoin cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency miner is not considered to be profitable as only one cryptocurrency could be mined with it and will take long to generate enough coin to be able to pay off your bills. Though is could be better for desktop and other customized mining rigs. But this doesn’t apply to android and smart phones.

The above listed cryptocurrency mining apps is considered the best both for Android and smart phones.

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