what is the future potential of Tron Crypto currency?

Alot of questions arise on the future potentials of tron crypto.


Tron current offering is called Exodus, the free platform suitable for peer-to-peer distribution and storage of content. Exodus is not using blockchain technology at present but uses a special web-based file system protocol that supports a distributed file system. This phase is expected to stay through December 2018.

The next phase, called Odyssey, is scheduled to go-live around January 2019. Odyssey, which will leverage the power of blockchain, will involve monetary incentives to promote the creation and hosting of content on Tron.

Instead of following the traditional ways of tracking clicks and views of the content being accessed, Odyssey plans to base the incentives producers on a method that will depend on user interaction and engagement with the content. It may be linked to a “tipping” plan – something like a reward based on how good the user perceived the content.

Imagine listening to a licensed guitar player who is performing on a street corner. You like the initial melody and move in closer to listen to the full performance. Once his act is finished, you tip the street performer based on how much you enjoyed his performance – or pay him more to continue hearing his next gig. Tron’s incentive scheme may be similar, where you get to access the initial smaller trailers for free or for a small fee, and then opt for the full paid versions if you liked the previews.

The next two phases, called Great Voyage (mid-2020) and Apollo (mid-2021), are expected to enable content creators to build their brands, get the ability to issue individual initial coin offerings (ICO), and even issue personal tokens. These later stages of Tron will be akin to Ethereum-style blockchain-based application platforms.

Tron also expects two more stages further down the line, called Star Trek (mid-2023) and Eternity (late-2025), where participants will be able to create their decentralized gaming and predictive markets platforms, and will also be able to raise funds.

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